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Everyone is talking about SEO. More and more companies are starting to talk about SEO and for good reason. SEO is now an important feature of online business. It is a brilliant way of increasing a company’s visibility online. In other words, helping to ensure that your website is seen before your competitors’ websites are seen.

There are lots of SEO tips out there on the internet. But don’t be fooled – many of them won’t help you! Many sites contain outdated tips and these can have a negative impact on your website’s ranking in search engine results. They are out of date because Google constantly changes its search algorithm, which affects your website’s ranking. At, our reports are always updated on an ongoing basis by our SEO experts, who possess the latest know-how in SEO. Learn more about how you can order an SEO Report for your website here.

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A report from ensures you get the best SEO tips in a language everyone can understand. We have eliminated all of the “bullshit” and unnecessary buzzwords that agencies love. Instead, we focus on creating SEO reports that everyone can use.

Our reports are tailored, with tips and help for your website. The report explains what SEO initiatives you need to take, landing page by landing page. In other words, if you want tailored and inexpensive SEO optimisation, then you should choose SEO Feedback!

SEO tips that cover everything

Our reports contain SEO tips for optimisation that cover everything. Many people believe that SEO is just about optimising keywords. But in fact SEO has a great many other aspects. It is important that you take action in relation to all of these aspects – otherwise your efforts won’t pay off.

Our SEO tips cover complex elements in technical SEO, copy writing, optimisation of landing pages and optimisation of keywords. Even though technical SEO can be difficult, we have explained it in a simple and easily understandable way, so that everyone can understand it and work with it. So, if you are a new beginner, you can confidently use SEO Feedback for your website. Our report will be your every own SEO guide, a tailored report with SEO tips and help for your website.

Our reports and SEO tips will enable you to personally work with SEO. Over time, you will become independent of our reports and be able to analyse your websites and optimise them in accordance with best practice in SEO. Naturally, at, we are always ready to provide help when you need it. But SEO Feedback’s goal is that one day you will be able to independently carry out professional SEO using the competencies and experience you have acquired using our reports!

Four SEO tips for you

As we stated earlier, our reports contain SEO tips, which are tailored for your website. You may not wish to receive a report yet, so here are four general SEO tips that we assess as being the most relevant and which every website administrator should take into consideration. See the tips below.

1. Speed
(Page Speed)

There is nothing worse than a website that takes a long time to load. This can be extremely frustrating for the user who wants to get the information as quickly as possible. Google is very aware of this and it severely punishes slow-loading websites.
Research shows that over 40% of visitors leave a website if the website in question takes more than three seconds to load. So it makes sense to optimise your website’s loading speed.

You can do this by removing plugins that you do not use and you can also remove or compress large image files or video files.

2. Links to websites (Link Building)

Google has determined that outbound links are a positive factor when the search engine assesses your SEO efforts. Many people believe that having links to other websites is a bad idea since it encourages the user to leave their website. This is not true. In most cases, users do not click on these outbound links but the fact that you have them demonstrates that you can substantiate your claims, which strengthens your arguments. Google believes this as well and rewards you for having links to credible websites.

Of course you should ensure you do not link to direct competitors and that you continuously check your outbound links are not “dead links”, i.e. links that no longer work.

3. Write for users

When you write your website you must write for your users and not for search engines. You must not repeat a keyword 20 times (known as keyword stuffing) because you believe it is going to boost your SEO. Because it doesn’t. Google’s starting point is users. If you produce content that has value for users, you will achieve much better results – both in relation to user satisfaction and SEO. It is therefore important that you use the right jargon when you write for your target group!

However, you should not forget the SEO tips that exist in relation to copy writing. You just have to incorporate them in a natural way. We therefore recommend that above all, you write for your users and then see where you can implement further SEO initiatives in a natural way.

4. Low unique content (focus on content marketing)

The biggest SEO sin you can make is to copy the content of another website (“duplicate content”). Google punishes this severely. Write something unique. You are the expert in your field, so write about what you know and for the target group that you are interested in.

In addition, you should write unique content everywhere. Write a unique SEO title, a unique meta description, a unique H1, etc.

You should also create unique content on an ongoing basis. The more you actively create new content, the more likely you are of capturing the interest of new users. An SEO study by shows that “fresh” content has a positive impact on SEO.