How to work with SEO texts

How do you write SEO texts? Write the best SEO texts for your users.

SEO texts are an important part of your SEO score. When it comes to your landing pages, content i.e. the text has a significant impact on how high Google ranks your website in its search engine results. It is therefore important that you spend time and effort in writing good text when you work with SEO.

But what exactly is good SEO text? Good text creates value for your users. Users must have a problem and your text is the answer to that problem. But if you do not incorporate SEO thinking in this text you will not reap the full benefits. On the other hand, if you solely focus on SEO, your text may lose value in the eyes of your users. It is easy to see that a text solely written for search engines will not create much value for the people who read it.

So what do you do? The answer is obvious – as with many other things in life – you have to balance the two things together. You must write for your users and solve their problems and keep SEO in focus at the same time. However, this balance can be difficult to achieve. Many major companies therefore have their own in-house SEO copywriters and it is completely natural to invest in copywriters who are specialised in SEO in order to optimise this balance. With SEO Feedback, you don’t need to do this!

Great SEO texts using – professional copywriting. provides you with an overview of which areas of your website can be improved in relation to SEO. The report is based on your website’s landing pages. You can thus review your website, page by page and optimise it page by page.

The report provides you with lots of tips and tricks about how to write great SEO texts. It primarily shows you what things you can change to improve your SEO. It is then up to you to retain or improve the value of your texts while you adapt them for SEO. Not only are you investing in your website, you are also investing in yourself in becoming a better, more skilled copywriter! Get an SEO report for your website here.

If your texts solve your users’ problems and creates value for your users, it means that they click and explore your website. The more users you have, the better your SEO. It is therefore extremely important that you do not compromise your content when you integrate the report’s tips and tricks into your text.

Best practices in SEO texts

Read on the learn about some of the most useful best practices in the creation of SEO-related texts:

Write at least 300 words

When Google ranks your landing sites, it does so, based on how valuable it believes your pages are to your users. Here, Google focuses on how much knowledge your pages contains. According to Google, the total number of words is an indication of how much you know about a specific subject. A good rule-of-thumb is therefore that a landing page should contain at least 300 words and ideally more than that. In fact. It is recommended that the page contains 600–700 words.

However, you shouldn’t think that all you have to do is repeat yourself or spam keywords to get the desired number of words – Google will punish you for this. It is therefore also important that your texts have the correct length and contain high-quality content that your users are willing to spend their time reading. In other words, ensure that both quantity and quality is good enough.

Write clearly

Ensure that your SEO texts do not contain too many difficult or foreign words. In addition, your sentences should not be overly long.

In general, Google rewards you if you create text that flows. You can do this by incorporating infographics, images, bullet points, natural inserts, headings, etc.

Most website users are often busy and they want to get the information as quickly and easily as possible. Therefore, write with this kind of user in mind. And to make it optimal, ensure your text is understandable and has the correct length.

Use your keywords sensibly!

Keywords are perhaps one of the most discussed SEO subjects. In the “old days”, you optimised one page using one keyword. You used the particular keyword as much as possible in that page. That NO LONGER works. Google’s search algorithm has become so complex that it punishes that kind of practice, which is known as “keyword stuffing”. As we stated earlier, these days you must write valuable texts for users. That is the first priority.

However, keywords are far from obsolete. They provide really good value for your SEO if the keywords are included in your page’s heading. This really helps Google to understand what your page is about. It is also okay if keywords occur a couple of times in the text and in one or two headings. But don’t overdo it. Instead, write interesting text that flows. Google’s search algorithm can easily understand synonyms, which means that you can vary your language which also creates better flow for the user.
When you write with users as your first priority, it becomes only natural that your keyword is included in the text, as we described before. This is precisely what Google wants.

But does that mean I shouldn’t even think about SEO and just write the way I usually write?” Yes and no. Google’s search algorithm is becoming more and more complex, and it increasingly rewards texts that create value for users. But remember that the algorithm is still a machine and it is far from perfect. As we said before, there are still important elements that you need to know about if you are to have a chance of being ranked at the top of Google’s search results.

It is about staying up to date

The search algorithm changes all the time and SEO is therefore an area that constantly changes. It is therefore also about staying up to date in what is known as best practices. Naturally, we stay up to date at and our reports always meet today’s SEO standards. thus helps eliminate myths about SEO. For example, that you should have as many keywords as possible in your text.

By using our report, you will learn how to write the best texts for your users and which will still have great value for your SEO. You will also gain an understanding for what the best practices are and learn what the myths are. You may already know a great deal about SEO, but if this knowledge is not updated it can actually create negative results for your SEO.

Save time and money

Time is money. Writing SEO texts therefore costs money because you have to spend time writing relevant content that has the correct keywords and the correct length on your website. In other words, you need to get a report from if you want a professional and inexpensive solution for your SEO texts. The report saves you having to spend a lot of time researching the constantly changing best practices in SEO. We’ve done the research for you. All you have to do is implement our proposals on your website. Click here to learn about how it works.

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